Combo Option #4 – Farmer’s Package

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Combo includes: (1) Shoup’s 1/3# Porkburger 4-pack, (1) Shoup’s pre-cooked 32 oz. St. Louis Style Rib, (2) 12 oz. Boneless Ribeye Steaks, (2) 12 oz. Boneless NY Strip Steaks, (1) 8 oz. Shoup’s Original Seasoning. Free Shipping and Handling!

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Steak Package; (2) 12 oz. Ribeyes, (2) 12 oz. NY Strip Steaks, (1) 8 oz. Shoup's Original Seasoning

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This package features all our favorites for your grill with the addition of melt-in-your-mouth ribeyes and NY strip steaks! Be the star of the cookout with our famous Shoup’s Porkburgers and St. Louis Style Ribs alongside beautiful boneless ribeyes and NY strip steaks! Each combo also comes with a 8 oz. Original Shoup’s Seasoning as an added bonus! We offer all this and FREE Shipping and Handling!


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