Arborwood by Shoup’s

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Arborwood by Shoup's

Shoup’s expertise combined with the grace and charm of Arborwood can provide your family, friends, club or company with the very best there is to offer.

Now groups as small as 25 or as large as 300 can enjoy the convenience and atmosphere that Arborwood can provide.

Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

Modern Design with a Vintage Touch

Arborwood is nestled in the serene, tree-lined paths of the Golf Preserve Golf Course in Frankfort, Indiana.

Established in the 1920’s as a country club for the area residents, it has maintained it’s aura of grace and charm. Newly renovated in 2012, it now provides the area with a venue for hosting events, weddings, parties, and meetings.

The Main Level

The Arbor Room features cathedral ceilings, magnificent fireplaces at each end, and wall-to-wall windows allowing the spectacular views of nature and the golf course. Add the charm of the Creekside Lounge and views of the Arborwood Garden patio area, and you have the makings of a spectacular event.

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Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

The Arbor Room

Our largest area that serves as the perfect setting for weddings, class reunions, family gatherings, parties or corporate meetings.

Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

Creekside Lounge & Bar

Smaller venue overlooking the Arborwood Garden patio area; ideal for business meetings or intimate gatherings where full bar service is requested.

Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

The Overlook

Smaller venue overlooking the golf course, adjacent to the Arbor Room; ideal for business meetings or intimate gatherings.

The Arborwood Garden

Beautiful outdoor setting for weddings, class reunions, family gatherings, parties or corporate meetings.

Available April 1st ~ November 1st.

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Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

The Lower Level

We also have a Lower Level area that offers the same charm and ambiance for smaller groups. The Poppy Room and the Country Porch are perfect for more intimate gatherings or small business meetings.

The Lower Level also has a special feature for brides and grooms. Specialty rooms are available for use throughout the day of the event for the bridal party and family looking for space to relax and prepare for the special day.

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Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

Poppy Room

Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

The Country Porch

Arborwood by Shoup's - Indiana Event Venue

Dressing Rooms

Weddings at Arborwood

Weddings can be overwhelming – the dress, the colors, the food, and the list goes on and on. Arborwood’s serene setting and numerous amenities allow the bride, groom, and their families to relax and enjoy the special moment without worrying about the details. Our friendly staff will accommodate your every need, from helping with creative centerpiece ideas to making sure everyone gets down the aisle on time.

Shoup’s Country Foods is the exclusive caterer of the Arborwood venue, providing a seamless relationship between the venue and your food and beverage.

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Corporate Events

A bright and spacious room can make all of the difference when it comes to a corporate meeting space. Arborwood provides a quiet and private atmosphere that enhances productivity and convenience for groups large or small. With additional smaller rooms surrounding the main space, the venue lends itself to breakout sessions or small group meeting areas as well. As you plan your meeting or event, we work with you to ensure that all of the technology and equipment needs you have will be available. In addition to providing for those amenities, we will help you plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks available throughout the duration of the meeting so that your guests and employees can remain comfortable and carefree.

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Social Gatherings and Celebrations

Special occasions require special attention. The staff at Arborwood is dedicated to finding the perfect spot for your celebration. Our smaller rooms are designed for a coziness perfect for small luncheons, dinner parties, and intimate gatherings. Celebrate with your loved ones without having to concern yourself with the details of decorations, food, or hosting responsibilities! Our larger rooms allow guests to spread out, enjoy the comfort of our overstuffed lounge furniture, and socialize while enjoying the views of the natural landscape surrounding the room.

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Celebration of Life

Celebrate the life of a loved one or a family member by gathering with family and friends in our peaceful, comforting setting. With soothing music, a welcoming staff, and refreshing food and drink, guests can spend time relaxing together and reflecting on wonderful memories. The ease with which we handle the preparation takes more details off of your hands as you take care of other arrangements.

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