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Let us welcome you to our family-owned business of Shoup’s Country Foods, Inc. For years we have taken pride in making only the finest lean quality meats and catering.

We started as a small custom processing plant and have grown into a successful retail meat store, mail order, and catering business. As our popularity grew, customers hungry for our products visited us from all over the midwest. Due to demand, we decided to expand into mail order nationwide and into grocery stores in Indiana and surrounding states.

A Personalized Experience

Tom and Carol have three daughters (Cindy, Amy, and Cheri) who grew up on a farm and are now busy raising their own families. Everyone in the family is instrumental in marketing and promoting our products. All of our logo designs, flyers, and promotions have been planned and created by our own family members.

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Our Mini-Hog Roast®, BBQ, Porkburgers, Barbecue Sauce and Seasoning are products that we are proud to serve our family, as well as yours. The Mini-Hog Roast® and Barbecue Sauce were developed as a result of catering work and customer requests. The seasoning that is used on the Mini-Hog Roast® was developed by Tom and Carol approximately 35 years ago when they cooked pork chops for church events and fairs. Our Barbecue Sauce was developed in our own kitchen, graduated to a 50 gallon vat, and is now bottled for retail stores.

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